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Foals may be registered at any time. Most breeders choose to do this from weaning to about 18 months.

Horses can also be accepted at any age with proof of parentage. This may be checked against stallion returns where a stallion owner has kept the Society up to date.

Here are the steps in Registration;

1. Fill out an online form Application for Registration of Youngstock from Application Forms menu.

Complete fully. Try to include a full pedigree, sign and sumbit to the Registrar with payment of $40. To register a horse with the Society, breeders are also required to be members.

2. Return the form and fees to the Registrar (Internet Banking is available)

The form is then checked to ensure the horse is eligible for registration. (No less than identifiable 1/8th Irish blood.)

The Registrar will then provide you with the form Branding/ Microchipping Certificate.

At this point you will need to make an appointment with your vet.

The vet will use the form to identify the horse by recording the markings and then brand and/or microchip the horse for permanent identification. If microchipping, a branding sticker will be attached to the form and an additional sticker provided for the certificate.

If branding the Society brands will be posted to you along with the form which will include the numbers. The brands are a Shamrock and an NZ. The vet will provide the numbers.

Only freeze branding is permitted to comply with “Best Practice “in the Animal Welfare Act. Code of Welfare for Horses NZ Jan 2016.

If you are using Society brands please return as soon as possible. They can then be circulated to others who may be waiting.

3. On receipt of the Branding/ Microchipping certificate the Registrar will load the horse in to the data base and generate you a certificate with an allocated number and as much of the pedigree as you are able to provide. The certificate will be as accurate as the pedigree you have provided plus checked against our data base to add more information where possible.

If you purchase an Irish horse which is branded it is easy for us to identify it. Where the previous owner claims it is microchipped it will be necessary for you to have it scanned. (usually by a Vet)

The society has included in its new data base a record of all microchipped Registered Irish Horses.

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